I won’t speak badly but I also won’t let you speak badly of me without me doing something about it.

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Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful too. via (

Putting a beautiful long awaited end to my old life and everything in it and moving forward to new friends,lovers,and happiness. Thank you God for this unexpected journey turning into blessings.

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Whether you're currently a student nurse, or once were, here's a shout out to you all. (Get Him To Chase You Truths)


It could have ended.after reading about how the semi colon has started to represent the fight against suicide. (+ depression)and for the general idea that "the story goes on" kind of thing, i'm thinking i want to add it to my tattoo!

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No one in this universe

My friend, did you hear that? can be at ur place. And u have to be urself every moment.