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Use Your Noodle: How to Expertly Match the Sauce to the Pasta Shape | FWx

Tired of the same old spaghetti and penne noodles? Next time you are craving delicious Italian comfort food, try something new. Learn all about the countless pasta varieties in our comprehensive guide! Its helpful for next time you need to drain pasta.

That awkward moment when Taemin's hair will ALWAYS look better than mine no matter how hard I try to make it look nice >.

for me, more like That awkward moment when Taemin's hair (from the lucifer era) looked like mine when I was little.

Colin Morgan - Merlin behind the scenes (gif). Cols is so adorable!

Colin Morgan: “It’s endless – the amount of people that’s working on this.” Colin Morgan: “And you get hassled from people like that.