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A look at these stunning IndoGemstone Bali products inspired by nature. Luxury home owners have created superb interior designs from it. There's an abundance of color, pattern and traditional craftsmanship on display in the home decor products of this amazing company.
IndoGemstone Petrified Wood Side Tables

IndoGemstone Petrified Wood Side Tables | IndoGemstone Bali Home Furniture | IndoGemstone Bali Home Furniture Decor

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Bali Home Furniture Decor Fossil wood table set

Our Petrified Wood products are made from reclaimed tropical hardwoods that were buried in an ancient eruption which happened during prehistoric time million.

Dave  Indogemstone

Dave Indogemstone

Beautiful Home Furniture Decorations made from Natural Stone, Solid Hardwood and Genuine Petrified Wood.

Solid wood & stone occasional furniture from our bespoke collection for luxury home interior decor for sale. We manufacture it from the finest natural materials.


IndoGemstone Home Decor “IndoGemstone is the world’s leading manufacturer of the finest solid wood tables and luxury home furnishings. We are working with the Best Home Decor Companies, Special.

IndoGemstone Home Furniture Decor

Take a look at a Bali house interior inspired by nature Take a look at a Bali house interior inspired by nature “ A look inside this stunning Bali home inspired by nature. This luxury home owner has.