Heart-shaped eyes are wide open.

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Omo my birthday is of January! I'm 8 yrs and 1 day younger than Jongin-ah~ the feels!

Cute Yeollie ^^ #EXO #Chanyeol

Recently discovered that chanyeol has a dimple and its sooo cuteee ♡♡♡ but still my number one dimple is lays' .

Chanyeol~ Nation’s Boyfried

Chanyeol, my bias 💝

Chanyeol Wallpaper | EXO

Chanyeol Wallpaper | EXO

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EXO Park Chanyeol with his bestie

#Chanyeol #EXO @oxmariieee

#Chanyeol #EXO @oxmariieee


Credits to the rightful owners

I love this pict..♡♡♡

This adorable thinggg~ .

When chanyeol call you babe...

A sleepy lil Channie

Uncontrollably Fond | Suzy and Kim Woo Bin

I’m already onboard with the OTP romance in KBS drama Uncontrollably Fond, all college days bickering and adult age unresolved tension. Sure, Kim Woo Bin seems like he’s playing Choi Young Do in Heirs a few notches grown up and … Continue reading →

Chanyeol ♥

EXO Quiz - I got Xiumin I just like this pick of Chanyeol

Cute Chanyeol EXO

160221 Chanyeol (Fan taken pic)

160730-31 #Chanyeol #EXO #EXOrDIUMinSeoul // hahaha, chanyeolie why do you look so cute?

Chanyeol - 160731 Exoplanet - The EXO’rDium in Seoul Credit: My Black Label.

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Babu • PCY ✔️

[PRIVATE on chap 27 b, chapter song eunbyul, remaja yg suk… # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad