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how to turn chanyeol from grumpy to happy : a hug from the maknae

The moment Sehun comes to hug Chanyeol, he immediately shows a huge smile because EXO is family, EXO is ONE

Những chiếc gif của Baekhyun khiến L muốn rụng tim - EXONEWSVN

Doctor Baek in action

Why does CY looks at Little B as if he is looking at the most precious thing to him in yhe whole world ~ And B's smile. They are indeed in love

Tell chanbaek that’s not how normal friends stare at each other. <- just fuck already jfc

Not even beginning to understand what's going on xD<<< I gave up on that a long time ago XD

lol Baek why are you wearing a basket. and lol evil Makne xD

hella thirsty Baekhyun trying to be discreet p2

hella thirsty Baekhyun trying to be discreet

Baekhyun and Chanyeol... i laughed waaay to hard at this

credit: to it's rightful owner, please see logo on pic(if have) keke chanyeol

their height difference is the most adorable thing ever, THIS IS SO PERFECT, BAEKYEOL. MEANT. TO. BE.

Chanyeol Baekhyun exo next door this drama is sooo good