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Andi Gandaria

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Andi Gandaria
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Never done it, but I really wanna try the pedalpub.

Not one but two bicycle-powered pubs are now cruising the streets of St. PedalPub, which launched in has some new competition from City Cycle. PedalPub lets riders/pedal

Austin's Pub Crawler :D!!! You have to do this if your ever in Austin and a drinker ;) It's a blast and fun way to cruise town ;)

Pub Crawler for day activity in Savannah // Original Info: PubCrawler in Austin: a bike contraption with room for fifteen that serves beer as you pedal (steered by a sober professional).

PedalPub, Minneapolis, MN. I rented one for my boyfriend's 21st birthday, such a blast! New yearly tradition!

Last Saturday I tried pedal pubbing for a friend's surprise b-day - it was a lot of fun! Here's what the pedal pub looks like: I was kin.