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Decadent Glazed Mirror Cake
a blue and white birthday cake with gold decorations on it's top, sitting on a plate
Beach Mirror Glaze Cake Jakarta Lincah Cakes
Mirror Glaze / Birthday Cake / Entremet Cake . Location: Tangerang, Indonesia Delivery Area: Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi . Instagram: @lincah.cakes Order: via whatsapp +628887816820 #mirrorglazecake #entremetcake #kuemirrorglaze #mirrorglazejakarta #mirrorglazetangerang #mirrorglazeindonesia #birthdaycakejakarta #kueulangtahun #birthdaycaketangerang
there is a glass plate on the white sheet with shells and seaweeds in it
Beach entremet
there is a blue and white cake with shells on the bottom, along with an ocean wave
Vegan blue ocean mirror glaze cake
Vegan cake with spider mirror glaze with chocolate sea shells
Rate This Cake !! Stunning Mirror
Master the Art of Cake Mirror Glaze: A Guide to Creating Stunning Mirror-Finish Cakes!
Risol Mentai🤌🏻
55min · 8 servings RISOL MENTAI • Bahan 1 : • 250 GR TERIGU • 550 ML AIR • 3 SDM TAPIOKA • 5 SDM MINYAK • 1 PCS TELUR • ½ SDT GARAM • • BAHAN 2 : • 200 GR MAYO • 5 SDM SAUS SAMBAL • 3 SDM SAUS TOMAT • ½ SDT MINYAK WIJEN • • ISIAN : • 5 PCS SMOKED BEEF • 5 PCS TELUR REBUS • BAHAN 4 : • 100 GR TERIGU • 3 PCS TELUR KOCOK • 100 GR TEPUNG ROTI • • CARA MEMBUAT : • 1. Campur semua bahan 1, aduk rata. • 2. Panaskan wajan dengans sedikit minyak, tambahkan adonan, masak hingga matang. Sisihkan. • 3. Campur semua bahan 2, aduk rata. Sisihkan. • 4. Isi kulit dengan smoked beef telur dan saus mentai. • 5. Gulung hingga tertutup rapat. • 6. Balur dengan terigu • 7. Lalu balur dengan telur. • 8. Terakhir balur dengan tepung roti. • 9. Goreng hingga kecoklatan.
there are many cakes and cupcakes on the shelves
an image of a piece of cake labeled
Cake diagram
Detailed schematic diagram of cake with description of layers, on white background.
a piece of cake with all the parts labeled on it's side, including almonds, grapefruit jelly, lemon - infused sponge, and glaze
there is a cake with flowers on the top and gold trimmings around it
a birthday cake decorated with pink and gold icing on top of a card that says happy birthday mom
Mirror Glaze Entremet Cake • Petit Gateau • Birthday Cake • Party Cake • Beautiful Cake • Decoration