Fransisca Retno

Fransisca Retno

Fransisca Retno
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From the performance art "Melons (at a loss)" (1998), by Patty Chang. Exploration of gender through the study and practice of performance art.

Patty Chang, 1998 Melons ( at a loss ) Body, Gender & Ritual a workshop at Craftswoman House Cindy Rehm will lead the workshop, Body , G.

Chika Ohgi:Vogue Sense of Distance

Chika Ohgi:Vogue Sense of Distance_

Sydney Australia : Michael Thomas Hill created Forgotten Songs, an installation of 110 empty birdcages suspended high in the air that play the songs of fifty birds that once lived in central Sydney before they were forced out by European settlement.

Michael Hill - "Forgotten Songs" - Installation in Angel Place, Sydney. It combines bird cages and bird songs of the specific breeds of birds native to Angel Place before the arrival of Europeans.

Art installation: black smoke.

Fabian BÜRGY: This picture is so simple yet so interesting. I love the simplicity of it and the contrast of the smoke and the background really draw your eye forward. Sometimes such simple ideas can turn out so neat.