Diah Kurniati

Diah Kurniati

Diah Kurniati
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This reusable toothbrush handle, complete with disposable snap on brush heads, is the key to eco-friendly dental care.

Snap Toothbrush System: With this unique toothbrush, it’s easy to swap out your brush. When it’s time for a refresh, just snap the old toothbrush head off of the reusable handle and replace it with a new one.

Plus the 5 most common mistakes (and how to fix them). #rowing #cardio #exercise http://greatist.com/move/how-to-use-a-rowing-machine

A rowing machine is among the best equipment that you can work out with. But how to use a rowing machine properly? We are unfolding all you need to know!


Brighten up your home and protect your surfaces with Cactus Interlocking Coasters. Useful and decorative in equal measure, this construction set allows you to build your own cactus sculpture.

Animal/Four Season Shaker Set Bringing Nature Right To Your Dining Table

Look to the Animal/Four Season Shaker Set for a fun way to display your seasonings. Shop Apollo Box for creative products and cool gadgets.

First Defense Nasal Screens, 7-Sets Per Pack

Shark Tank Success Stories: First Defense Nasal Screen Update. I NEED THESE for all the crap that gets sprayed here in Las Vegas!

BubbleLick Safe Edible Party Blow Bubbles, Pack of 6 Bottles

BubbleLick Safe Edible Party Blow Bubbles, Pack of 6 Bottles