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FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED MINUTES....<<<Whoever said musicals aren't educational needs to litsten to Hamilton. Washington's farewell address ftw.

Why can't a teacher give a test like this where only theatre kids would pass?<<<<<I'm excuse me "only theatre" kids?Im no theatre kid and I'm pretty sure I'd do well😂😂😂

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Mostly pinning for Newsies. "Broadway Equivalent of a Boy Band." xD and Phantom of the Opera. >>>> Hamilton: Alexander Hamilton's Inability to Shut Up Will Be the Death of Him The Musical

you / iFunny :)

I do this everytime someone mentions Newsies. I always threaten to sing the entire musical start to finnish including the music(which means you hear the same thing twice, once with the words and once with the music without words)!

I want to be the first female phantom<<< or the first Jaqueline Kelly! <<< I wanna be Jacqueline Kelly or Alexandra Hamilton or Frankie Abagnale, Jr.