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Jay Martin

Scarab Scout Rover

A composite model made of a truck and a small spaceship

These tires might not be racing slicks, but the racing is sure slick

These tires might not be racing slicks, but the racing is sure slick | The Brothers Brick

Speed your MINI Cooper rally car around the bend through Simon Pickard's scenery!

Super heavy truck | by MiniGray!

Super heavy truck

S.W.A.T. Lorry

LEGO Pallet Jack (Tutorial)

How to build a LEGO Pallet Jack with your LEGO pieces!SUSBCRIBE ► I take all your LEGO)PART LISTS ►

Flame War

Flame War

Regular bloggee Senator Chinchilla is back with another real-world replica. This time it’s a 1967 Ford Fairlane, and it’s a lovely understated and classy build. But that’s not rea…

Nike ONE wheel | This is the idea I have for a larger scale … | Flickr

Nike ONE wheel

This is the idea I have for a larger scale Nike ONE concept car. The problem is I've only got enough tiny wheels for three of the large wheels so the project is on hold for indefinite. Yes, it does turn and it can easily be modified to turn too. ;)

Steering meachanism - Large scale - Lego

I've been meaning to post this for some time. Here's the steering system I now use in my Large scaels, mostly inspired my Mr.Chinchilla's, who's meachanism I first used some time ago. It's evolved over time and I think this is probably it's "final form". If you're looking for a technic-y steering system that works well when playing, you've come to the incorrect place. This works great for show, but you won't be able to hook it up to anything. Should work okay in real though, I haven't…

Tiny House & Chevrolet C10

Featured on The Brothers Brick!This is a tiny house with a matching 1970 Chevy C10!...

Ford F-150 with camping fifth wheels

Fifth wheel camping with pick-up

Ferrari Testarossa - instructions

Hello Ferrari and Speed Champions fans,Ferrari Testarossa is a legendary supercar of 1980s. It is a two-door coupé from 1986 and it is the red version of the car from the TV...

Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvolve

The Countach is a car or my childhood - having a poster, metal die-cast model and bragging about its numbers like a kid should. Now I know the car is not really too practical, to say at best, nor even very fast. But it still looks completely *alien*. Tackling it in LEGO form was hard. By far the biggest chalenge being the front fenders, which I made several variants off and I still am not fully satisfied. The car there tries to be low, angling, angular and round all at the same time. I used…