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a white paper with black writing on it and an image of the words preguntas meta
Preguntas metacognitivas
PREGUNTAS METACOGNITIVAS 1. Preguntas dirigidas hacia el proceso: - ¿Cómo lo hiciste? - ¿Qué plan utilizaste para resolverlo? - ¿Qué problema has encontrado? -…
the words are written in multicolored ink on a white paper with black writing
a cartoon brain holding up a sign with the words use me in it's hands
a jar filled with lots of different types of food on top of a pink background
an advertisement with arrows and the words, enfo que debes entrate
Handudy (@HandudyThinking) / X
Handudy Thinking (@HandudyThinking) | Twitter
an image of children holding hands with the words in spanish
Handudy (@HandudyThinking) / X
Handudy Thinking (@HandudyThinking) | Twitter
a poem written in spanish on white paper
two cartoon images with one saying, they were did you get that? i heard it was all sold out
Prints & Originals — Josie Eadie
a drawing of an orange surrounded by many white umbrellas with music notes on them