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This canvas tool roll is handy because it can be customized to hold whatever tools you want and is portable. #Instructables #sewing #workshop Tool Roll, Van Life, Sewing Projects, Workshop, Rolls, Canvas, Tela, Atelier, Canvases

Canvas Tool Roll

Canvas Tool Roll: Anyone that rides a motorcycle, bicycle, drives a car or just likes organization knows that having a dedicated space for their tools is a must. I took a long distance motorcycle ride a few years ago and just tossed some random tools in a bag and hop…

This large Robin’s bird nest bed lounge with egg pillows is a great place for a child or adult to relax or take a nap. #Instructables #sewing #bedroom #toy #sewing Dremel Carving, Robins Egg, Take A Nap, Nest, Sewing Projects, House Ideas, Relax, Eggs, Lounge

Robin's Egg Bird Nest Bed Lounge

Robin's Egg Bird Nest Bed Lounge: Have you ever wanted to sleep in a giant bird's nest bed? Now you can! Comfortably fits an adult, if you like to sleep curled up.

The MakeIt clearly heard mask allows you to safely wear a mask in public while also not obstructing your mouse which can be helpful for those who read lips or who rely on visual cues. #Instructables #sewing #health #safety Interesting Stuff, Cool Stuff, The Fold Line, Plastic Windows, Paper Punch, Cool Inventions, Bias Tape, Mask Design, Fun Crafts

MakeIt Clearly Heard Mask

MakeIt Clearly Heard Mask: Why this mask?Note: Updated August 25 with V2 - removes need for Bias Tape, shows how to adjust window size for improved breathability, and doesn't "gap" easily when opening mouth extra wide.. see "Step 17" below for the minor changes to the pattern…

Make a cross back apron from a recycled tablecloth. #Instructables #sewing #fashion #kitchen #cooking Web 1, Diy And Crafts, Arts And Crafts, Sewing Aprons, Slip Over, Sewing Class, Straight Stitch, New Things To Learn, How To Look Pretty

Cross Back Apron From Recycled Tablecloth

Cross Back Apron From Recycled Tablecloth : Hi friends!I want to share with you how to sew Cross Back Apron from Tablecloth. Maybe you have a tablecloth that didn't fit your table or one which is not in perfect condition but you are still keeping it, Now its time to reuse it and sew a simple …

This tablet holder pillow is an easy and comfortable way to hold a tablet on your lap while you read a book, watch a movie, or whatever you want. #Instructables #sewing #ereader #kindle #nook Sewing Hacks, Sewing Tutorials, Fun Projects, Sewing Projects, Fabric Crafts, Diy Crafts, Pinking Shears, Ladder Stitch, Tablet Holder

Tablet Holder Pillow

Tablet Holder Pillow: Now, I love to read. I love to read so much that I literally have too many books for the number of bookshelves I own. My apartment is all but overflowing with books.So in order to relieve some of that, I recently bought myself a Kindle Fire. I mos...

Sew a slipcovered lampshade that can easily be changed for the season, decor, or whatever. #Instructables #sewing #home #lighting #decoration Sewing Hacks, Sewing Projects, Projects To Try, Flat Felled Seam, Spray Glue, John Kennedy Jr, Bias Tape Maker, Mini Binder, Sewing Class

Sew a Slipcovered Lampshade

Sew a Slipcovered Lampshade: Wouldn't you love to be able to change the fabric on your lampshades at a whim? I'll show you how easy it is to sew a slipcover for any lampshade.Earlier this year I got some fabric determined to make a new lampshade for this thrifted lamp base (1...

Make stylish throw pillows out of fabric and faux leather. Fabric Scissors, Fabric Glue, Leather Throw Pillows, Blind Stitch, Pillow Inspiration, Back Pieces, Super Glue, Pillow Forms, Fabric Patterns

Fabric & Faux Leather Throw Pillows

Fabric & Faux Leather Throw Pillows: Looking for a new take on luxurious throw pillows? Look no further!These beautiful throw pillows are a mix of fabric and faux leather which brings a luxurious balance to any home décor palette! BONUS: Each of these five pillows are reversible, s...

Sew a fabric basket to keep your craft supplies organized. Coin Purse Tutorial, Zipper Pouch Tutorial, Tote Tutorial, Fabric Pen, Fabric Boxes, Fabric Basket, Sewing Hacks, Sewing Tutorials, Sewing Projects

Fabric Basket

DIY Fabric Bucket | Sew Your Own Yarn Storage Basket: Probably the trickiest things to keep organised in my craft room are the balls of yarn...they roll off shelves, unravel, and generally look messy and get strewn all over the table if they aren't contained.I keep the bulk of them in massive felt buck…

This fitted pocket face mask is modified from the Olson design and has a pocket that allows you to add and remove a filter for additional protection. There are also 8 sizes to work with. Sewing Hacks, Sewing Tutorials, Sewing Crafts, Sewing Projects, Fabric Crafts, Easy Face Masks, Diy Face Mask, Homemade Face Masks, Sewing Patterns Free

Fitted Pocket Mask

Fitted Pocket Mask (Modified Olson), in Eight Sizes (Adult Large to Youth/Child Extra Small): ***2020-05-27 - UPDATE***The pattern and instructions have been updated to include the following: Metric measurements. Instructions for measuring for fit.***If, like me, you have been searching for the perfect mask pattern, you know it can be …

This face mask pattern is meant to cover up and go over a beard. Sewing Hacks, Sewing Projects, Diy Face Mask, Face Masks, 3d Face, Scrub Caps, In Case Of Emergency, Sewing Class, New School Year

Beard Face Mask

COVID-19 Beard Mask: I was asked to design a mask that would cover a long beard as the most common masks either don't fit well or won't work at all. There are two options for the mask, either straight or taper look. The construction is the same for either. There is a…

This Phoenix mask is a stylish way to cover a traditional face mask. Phoenix Costume, Easy Crafts, Arts And Crafts, Craft Projects, Sewing Projects, Unusual Things, Straight Stitch, Random Acts, Halloween Cosplay

Phoenix Mask

Phoenix Mask: What times these are. This is my first instructable since the pandemic began, and since I moved on from Instructables to pursue the next chapter (before this all started). While I'm no longer staff, I am proud to be a part of this community, espec…

Learn tips and tricks to easily mass produce fabric masks at home. Crochet Mask, Knit Crochet, Sewing Patterns Free, Free Pattern, House Gifts, Sewing Class, Sewing Projects, Sewing Ideas, Bias Tape

Make Many Fabric Masks at Home

Make Many Fabric Masks at Home: Millions of masks are needed right now, and so many folks are sewing them at home, for themselves, their families, and for healthcare workers facing PPE shortages. I lost count of how many masks I've made so far! The pattern I'm using is the A. B. M…

How to Sew Face Masks at Home for Healthcare Workers (by Harriet&Ginger) Sewing Hacks, Sewing Crafts, Sewing Projects, Diy Mask, Diy Face Mask, Sewing Patterns Free, Fabric Patterns, Crochet Mask, Sewing School

Face Mask Pattern

How to Sew Face Masks at Home for Healthcare Workers (by Harriet&Ginger): This is a pattern for a fabric face mask that you can sew from home. If you are able to follow this pattern and sew this mask - please sew and donate as many as you can to healthcare workers. Thank you!As someone who has had some form of breast ca...

Face Mask Pattern with Pocket. 27 Face Mask Pattern with Pocket Free Printable. How to Sew A Fabric Face Mask with Filter Pocket Elastic Mens Face Mask, Easy Face Masks, Homemade Face Masks, Diy Face Mask, Pocket Pattern, Diy Mask, Christen, Rubber Bands, Crafts To Sell

Fabric Face Mask with Filter Pocket

How to Sew a Fabric Face Mask With Filter Pocket (elastic Not Needed): This fabric face mask has an opening for a filter, can fit over other masks (surgical or N95s), has the option for a contoured nose and does not require elastic - though I share instructions on how to make it with elastic as an alternate option. F...

Check out this pattern for a face mask. Sewing Tutorials, Sewing Ideas, Sewing Projects, Sewing Patterns, Diy Projects, Cotton Lace, Cotton Fabric, Wood Turning Projects, Lets Do It

Face Mask

Face Mask + Pattern to Download: It is a sad truth that a face mask is one of the most needed items nowadays because of the COVID-19 pandemia. However, it's the least we can do to protect ourselves and others, so take out your sewing machines and let's do this! This is one type of …