Intan Chairunnisa

Intan Chairunnisa

Intan Chairunnisa
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Glass mosaic

Nakamura’s Optical Glass House is composed of roughly 6000 glass blocks strung together by stainless steel. Soundproof the façade cancel out external noise while allowing light and air to pass through and revealing only a mosaic of the lush garden inside.

The translucent polycarbonate has many of the same thermal properties as glass, but it weighs less and keeps out the glare of direct sunlight.

translucent facade of polycarbonate hangar doors that fold horizontally: Loblolly House, Kieran Timberlake Associates

Brass And Marble Kitchen Makeover | Domino

cabinet hardware combo Browse stylish kitchen decor inspiration, furniture and accessories on Domino. See all our favorite kitchens and styles. Find furniture ideas, kitchen appliances and paint colors for your kitchen.

british empire style decor - Colonial style decor - - decorating.PNG

Natural light floods this Mediterranean sun room. Country blue-patterned cushions line the furniture, while arched windows and a wood plank ceiling lend to an architectural feel.

I can picture sipping a glass of wine on this porch.

Dutch design is combined with Indonesian motifs here -- the roof exterior is made from ironwood shingles, a traditional timber used in Indonesia.