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Festive Christmas Movie Dessert Recipes
From Christmas movie cookies to Christmas movie brownies, these are some of the cutest Christmas movie dessert ideas for your next movie night, including Grinch cookies, Elf themed desserts, and more! Enjoy these Christmas movie inspired desserts all winter long.
a stack of festive crinkle cookies on top of a table with a ruler
Festive Crinkle Cookies
These red crinkle cookies are the perfect Christmas crinkle cookies for cookie platters or delivering to the neighbors. Use this easy crinkle cookie recipe to make bright red cookies, as well as green crinkle cookies and more to help you get in the holiday cookie spirit. These can also be called red snowflake cookies!
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the wreath cookie has been decorated with icing and is ready to be cut into pieces
Christmas Wreath Cookies
These Christmas wreath cookies are absolutely adorable. Made with royal icing, you should use these decorated Christmas wreath cookies for your next Christmas cookie party, and learn how to make Christmas wreath cookies, how to decorate Christmas wreath cookies, and tips for decorating with royal icing.
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11 Christmas Cookie Gift Ideas
These amazing Christmas cookie gift ideas are the perfect way to think of Christmas gifts for your loved ones. From gingerbread to pinwheel cookies, these are the best Christmas cookie gift ideas ever.
the best ever ornament cookies recipe
Best Ever Ornament Cookies
These amazing ornament cookies are the best holiday cookies ever, and the best Christmas cookies to make at home. You'll learn how to decorate these cookies with royal icing, as well as the different options for the base like chocolate cookies and vanilla cookies.
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23 Must-Try Gingerbread Desserts
Check out this guide to must-try gingerbread desserts, including gingerbread cake, gingerbread cupcakes, gingerbread whoopie pies, gingerbread truffles, gingerbread cookies, and so many more holiday desserts!
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23 Christmas Tree Desserts
Check out these beautiful Christmas tree desserts, including Christmas tree cookies, Christmas tree brownies, Christmas tree cakes, Christmas tree waffles and so many more delicious Christmas tree treats to make with the family this holiday season.
the best ever gluten - free chocolate cake is easy to make and delicious
Best Ever Gluten Free Chocolate Cake
This gluten free chocolate cake is absolutely delicious and moist, filled with real chocolate and using gluten free flour and plenty of eggs! Use this gluten free chocolate cake recipe to bake up the gluten free cake of your dreams and enjoy this gluten free dessert.
gingerbread sugar cookies decorated with icing and candy canes on a white table
Step-by-Step Gingerbread Sugar Cookies
Check out these sugar gingerbread cookies - perfect for people who don't actually like gingerbread but want to create gingerbread men! These cookies are super cute and perfect Christmas cookies to make with the kids.
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Christmas Wreath Cookie Tutorial
Want to make the best Christmas wreath cookies around? These holiday wreath cookies are delicious, and made with sugar cookie dough and royal icing. Learn how to make the best Christmas wreath cookies, including how to make festive winter cookies and the best Christmas cookies ever.
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15 Candy Cane Desserts
Enjoy these candy cane desserts, featuring candy cane pie, candy cane cake, candy cake cookies, candy cane dip, candy cane cheesecake, candy cane muffins and so many more candy cane baked goods!
the top ten must try candy cane recipes to make it look like they are ready for christmas
17 Must-Try Candy Cane Recipes
Check out these amazing candy cane dessert recipes, including candy cane cookies, candy cane brownies, candy cane cake and so many more creative Christmas desserts featuring everyone's favorite Christmas snack. These are the candy cane baking recipes that the whole family will love!
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Snickerdoodles (Gluten Free Recipe)
These gluten free snickerdoodles are super soft and moist, taste just like regular snickerdoodles, and are completely gluten free! Made with gluten free flour and xantham gum, there's no chilling required and these are some of the easiest gluten free cookies ever.
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21 Snow Themed Desserts
Check out these snow themed desserts, including snow themed cookies, snow themed cupcakes, snow cakes, snow brownies, and so much more. These winter desserts will bring festive cheer into your house this holiday season.
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28 Gluten Free Cookie Ideas
These gluten free cookie recipes are some of the best gluten free cookie ideas for people with gluten intolerance who still want delicious cookies. From gluten free chocolate chip cookies to gluten free chocolate cookies to gluten free snickerdoodle cookies, these are the greatest gluten free cookie ideas ever.