Ikanugrah Yulianita

Ikanugrah Yulianita

Ikanugrah Yulianita
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Green beans Almondine on white plate with sliced almonds on top.

Green Beans Almondine is an easy low carb side of crisp-tender green beans coated in a simple sauce of butter, lemon juice, and toasted almonds.

Easy Almond Pulp Crackers. YAYYY!!!! It's back to making almond milk for me! You can even save the wet pulp in the refrigerator for several days if you don't have time to make the crackers immediately. Gonna so try this this weekend! I have rosemary in my windowsill, so probably will use that and maybe throw in some extra garlic and some chives, too...

This Easy Almond Pulp Recipe is the perfect way to repurpose the leftovers from making almond milk. Enjoy this recipe for a crisp and tasty cracker!

My sister came to visit a few weeks ago and we were working on an e-book project together. (Hint – it has to do with my favorite holiday.) We worked really, really hard in a very short amount of time. We needed a pick me up, so she made us iced cappuccinos. She makes the best iced coffee beverage in [...]

Looking to create an indulgent iced coffee recipe this weekend? Beat the heat with this mouthwatering Iced Cappuccino! With just a few simple steps, this drink will come together in no time at all.