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an exhibition booth with red and white furniture
Galeria de Imágenes Stands | Diseño de stands, Stands de exposición, Stand de diseño de exposiciones
Galeria de Imágenes Stands:
an exhibition stand with people standing around it
Выставочный стенд "УРАЛТРУБПРОМ"
Showcase and discover creative work on the world's leading online platform for creative industries.
the instructions for how to build a wooden house with trees and plants in it,
Brand zona strongbow ( heineken)
Brand zone for Heineken, new product - cidre Strongbow ( do not use ,copyright )
an advertisement for dove's new products is shown in this image, it appears to be on display
The Premium Vitamin. Non GMO, all organic.
an ice cream stand with chocolate brownies on top
Punto de venta de helados móvil. Realizado en diversos materiales; madera, acero, etc,...
a coca - cola machine in the middle of a room
End Cap signage is a great and efficient way to advertise your products that you are selling. Use Clik-Clik to install your end cap signage
the inside of an office building with many windows
VXLAB Brand Building
Zirconio + Niro Granite Stand @ Cersaie 2014 Tile Exhibition design by VXLAB Branding & Design Direction
a man standing in front of a giant red ice cream cart with a sign on it
‪nescafe egypt‬‏
nescafe egypt - بحث Google‏
an exhibit booth with people standing around it
exhibition stand design inspiration - Buscar con Google
a series of photoshopped images showing the different parts of a boat that is being built
Yigit Aku / Automechanika 2015 / Russia
Yigit Aku / Automechanika 2015 / Russia on Behance
a display case for some kind of beverage on a white table with an advertisement behind it
Nescafe Chilled Latte Booth
Nescafe Chilled Latte Booth on Behance
four different views of the interior of a building with paintings on the walls and ceiling
Sera // Light + Building
Exhibition stand @ Light + Building •Stand Design: Xilos Design Studio •Stand Build: Xilos Temporary Architecture
an exhibit booth with white chairs and lamps hanging from the ceiling in front of it
Anvis | R+T 2012 Stuttgart
Shape of Anwis logo → round forms , sunlight comming through palm leaves→ untouachable beauty and funtional space at R+T Stuttgart.Different materials were used in construction of the stand: mdf plate as a main material, wooden pannel on the floor. Roun…
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