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Seventeen years after she stared out from the cover of National Geographic, a former Afghan refugee comes face-to-face with the world once more. Photographer: Steve McCurry.  See more of the story here:

The picture is called The Afghan Girl. A picture shot by Steve McCurry, an American photojournalist. Steve McCurry took a picture of a 12 year old Afghan girl. Her picture became so famous that in National Geographic magazine printed it as their cover.

Africa | Mursi girl Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Mursi girl, Ethiopia - Photo by Gerry Andrews The Mursi (or Mun as they refer to themselves) are a Nilotic pastoralist ethnic group that inhabits southwestern Ethiopia.

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Makassar woman, Southeast Sulawesi. Date unknown.

Indonesia, Makassar ~ Young Makassar woman in traditional clothes (baju bodo) in the colonial period,

Markus Ilun, ketua adat Punan Adiu

Markus Ilun, ketua adat Punan Adiu

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