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four different pictures with the words, how to teach sight words creatively
Beyond Flashcards: How to Teach Sight Words Creatively
Tired of flashcards? Here are some creative (and effective) ways to teach sight words (or dolch, high-frequency, fry, etc.). Love the hands on sensory activities!
an easy and fun game for kids to play on the grass with numbers, letters and shapes
Google Domains Hosted Site
Counting Game: Run and Count
several rolls of toilet paper with numbers on them
Tower of numbers Counting Activity
four different pictures with numbers and shapes on them
Counting Activities
Counting activities
lots of fun activities with legos for kids to do at home or in the classroom
47 Block Activities for Preschoolers! It's Blocks of Fun!
Lots of block activities for kids to do
two toothbrushes are sitting on the wall next to a basket and other items
Adding Fun
I have to make one of these! (Thanks to Mothering with Creativity for the great free idea.)
green balloons with numbers on them and the words water balloon math are in black ink
Water Balloon Game { Learning After School}
Water balloon math: Great idea to learn math facts before throwing balloon!
a young child is playing with scissors on the table in front of some cut out shapes
Everyday math play in preschool
The Teach Preschool blog has some wonderful ideas on how to teach math to preschoolers or younger! Check this out!