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South East Asian Kueh illustrations

Wonderful drawings of all the varieties of Nyonya Kueh desserts by Lee Xin Li, via Behance

Bandrek Kelapa Muda - coconut ginger warm drink, indonesian drink

Bandrek Kelapa Muda - coconut ginger warm drink, indonesian drink for office event on winter

[Indonesian Food] Wedang Ronde - Ginger Ronde Drink

Wedang Ronde - Ginger Ronde Drink of Indonesia. a popular dish from Java Island, it's good when it's cold after the rain

Putri Mandi - A popular dish at Indonesian weddings

Putri Mandi (Steam glutinous rice balls drench with coconut milk)

Aneka Resep Lupis Singkong

Lupis (glutinous rice cake with palm sugar syrup and grated coconut) Indonesia Dessert

BUBUR SUMSUM BIJI SALAK #IndonesianFood #makanan #Indonesia. Good food to break fast.

Bubur Sumsum Biji Salak - Indonesian sweet potato balls in palm sugar syrup and coconut milk

Wereld-Recepten: Tjendol: Hoe maak je de Indonesische variant van D...

Es cendol is an Indonesian drink made from rice flour served with coconut milk, sugar palm and ice cubes or shaved ice. While Indonesian people drink es cendol as a nice refreshment, a lot of Westerners like es cendol as dessert.

Cilok - Chewy Balls

Cilok / Aci Dicolok: steamed chewy balls made from tapioca starch--in some parts of Indonesia it is grilled. the taste is savory, and usually served with spicy peanut paste (saus kacang) and soy sauce (kecap).

Es Dawet Selasih. Traditional Indonesian cold beverage. Serving in a small bowl, with many different components in it. Cendol (the the green worm-like jelly), Tape Ketan (fermented glutinous rice), Biji Selasih (basil seed), and Bubur Sumsum (Rice Flour Porridge) were mixed inside the bowl and poured with thin coconut milk sauce and simple syrup. The aromatic flavor of pandan leaves and some ice cubes made it simply perfect. Really refreshing.

Serving in a small bowl…

Femina.co.id: SERABI KUAH #resep

Femina.co.id: SERABI KUAH #resep

Kikicak kakicak banjar Kalimantan Selatan

Kikicak kakicak banjar Kalimantan Selatan