4 of July

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two potted plants sit on the front porch of a house with an american flag banner
We are ready for the 4th of July- The Sunny Side Up Blog
a vase filled with red, white and blue flowers sitting on top of a table
Elegant Fourth of July Tablescape With Ginger Jars
two potted flowers sitting next to each other on a mat near a door with an american flag
Fun and Fabulous 4th of July Porch - The Sunny Side Up Blog
an american flag wreath on the front door of a house
an american flag is on the plate next to cups and saucers
red, white and blue table setting with flowers in the background
a place setting with an american flag napkin
an american flag table setting with place settings and flowers in pots on the tablescape
Patriotic Tablescape - The Preppy Hostess
a table topped with cake and flowers on top of a wooden table next to an american flag
July 4th Tablescape Tips from Inspiring Creatives + Eclectic Amazon Homewares - Hello Lovely