Ya Allah ....

forget n move on. Perfection is only in the mind. People battles - in silence. Judge not to be judged. push not, to be touched back (in shaa Allah to be fleeting).Peace be with u.

Very important for a Muslim to have a good opinion of Allah and then he likes to meet his Rabb and his Rabb likes to meet him.

The Ultimate Meeting. ♥ Ya Allah,grant me the honour of beholding your Countenance.

With Allah's will, you'll achieve inner peace.

"Be kind to your heart and stop worrying about the things that are out of your control, let Allah handle them.

J'aime les couleurs elles sont simples et belles et douces. Les mots du Saint Coran sont appaisants et réconfortants

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when you are tempted to lose patient with someone ,think how patient "الله" has been with you


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