Vyrus 987 C3 4V $103.769

2010 Vyrus 987 currently holds the title of the most powerful street-legal bike in production.

MTT Turbine Streetfighter $175.000

MTT Turbine Superbike One of the Fastest Motorcycle in the World - Custom Motorcycles & Classic Motorcycles - BikeGlam

Yamaha Vixion

Yamaha Vixion

Konferensi Wraith B120 $92,500

World's Most Expensive Bike Top Ten Most Expensive Bikes In The World Alltoptens

NCR Macchia Nera Concept $225.000

The NCR and the NCR ONE SHOT are not just a stock standard Italian machine, these bikes are loaded with titanium parts and a ridiculous

Icon Sheene $172.000

This "Icon Sheene" turbocharged Suzuki was built as a tribute to the life and career of racing legend, Barry Sheene. The turbocharged engine produces a staggering reaching a top speed of and costs just over

NCR M16 $232,500

Since Bologna, Italy–based NCR has been dazzling the motorcycle world with its Ducati makeovers, shrouding the Italian racers in functional excesses of rare metals and composite materials. The company’s latest model, the NCR Millona 16 (www.