MTT Turbine Streetfighter $175.000

Also known as the Turbine Super-bike is one of the fastest super bikes in the world. It is famous for its strongest engine which is powered by a Rolls Royce Allison Model 250 gas turbine which produces 240 KW at rpm.

Yamaha Vixion

Yamaha Vixion

Konferensi Wraith B120 $92,500

Confederate Motorcycles make some seriously cool bikes as these pictures and videos show.

NCR Macchia Nera Concept $225.000

The NCR and the NCR ONE SHOT are not just a stock standard Italian machine, these bikes are loaded with titanium parts and a ridiculous

Icon Sheene $172.000

This "Icon Sheene" turbocharged Suzuki was built as a tribute to the life and career of racing legend, Barry Sheene. The turbocharged engine produces a staggering reaching a top speed of and costs just over