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Iriani Mansawan

Iriani Mansawan
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Espresso am Sonntag: Wie Rem Koolhaas und Vittorio Radice das altehrwürdige KaDeWe in eine glorreiche Zukunft führen wollen. Das Gespräch auf AD lesen.

Rem Koolhaas' firm has revealed plans to overhaul department store KaDeWE by adding a glass rooftop extension and a series of sculptural new staircases

建築系必看的300個超細緻建築模型三之一 | Foot Work︱ 走思客設計圖誌

The Department of Architecture must see the three ultra-fine architectural model of the three

COLLÈGE 600, SAINT-MAURICE DE BENOST | Concours en 2000  Ricardo Porro et Renaud de La Noue, architectes

Junior High School Saint-Maurice de Beynost │ Competition in 2000 :: Pictures and Description of the Project

Gallery of Dali Munwood Lakeside Resort Hotel / Init Design Office - 27

Image 27 of 45 from gallery of Dali Munwood Lakeside Resort Hotel / Init Design Office. Courtesy of Init Design Office