Firefighter Birthday Party

I did my son's firefighter 6th birthday party with just a few kids. It was fun! Cake didn't turn out the way I pictured but it wasn't too bad. I created all the…
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two black paper bags with orange and yellow tissue pom poms on them sitting on a kitchen counter
Firefighter favor bags: burning building
a little boy sitting at a table with some bottles and scissors in front of him
Firefighter favors: fire extinguisher Candy wrapped with a personalized tag
there are three muffins in the glass container on the table with a sign that says smoki'n's mores
Smokin S'mores: marshmallow pops dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs
a plastic container filled with lots of red and yellow candies on top of a table
Fire Hoses: Red Licorice
the table is set up with candy, candies and condiments for a party
Stop, Drop, and Roll
there is a bowl full of fire flames on the table next to jelly candies
Fire Flames: Cheetos Puffs and Cheetos Hot Fries
a glass jar filled with lots of candy sitting on top of a yellow table cloth
Fire balls: red and yellow gum balls. I couldn't find orange gum balls at my local Walmart
three bottles of fire extinguisher sit on a counter
Fire extinguisher juice bottles. Labels created by me