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The Virgin Rainbow Black Opal was discovered on September 2003 at Twenty Three Mile fields Coober Pedy, South Australia by opal miner John Dunstan and his partner Steve Zaga

Black Opal and Diamonds set in Platinum. Made by Percy Marks

"Haley's Comet" recorded by the Guiness Book of World Records as the largest uncut black opal nobby in the world at cts

Halley's Comet World Famous Opals - Australian Gemstones & Appraisals Magazine

World Famous Opals Olympic Australis - Chatelaine's Gemstones Antiques & Appraisal Magazine

The Flame Queen Opal: view 2 The Flame Queen Opal is perhaps the most famous of all opals. It is the best-known example of “eye-of-opal”, an eye-like effect created when opal in-fills a cavity.

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The finest uncut opal in existence, the Fire of Australia, has joined the South Australian Museum’s collection through the vision of a private donor and fun