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Vintage Honda Motorcycles

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Honda Cub 50cc

Honda cub My brother used to have a stock bike like this. He should customised it

ミニクロな話だけど、アジアなカブ、でも結局ブリブリに太い極太な話。(笑) : たびかぶろぐ

ミニクロな話だけど、アジアなカブ、でも結局ブリブリに太い極太な話。(笑) : たびかぶろぐ

I started drawing scooters when I first moved to London and was intrigued by the number of vintage styles that I saw weaving in and out of the busy streets and also by the sense of freedom they afforded the riders. With the variety of colours, shapes and details, I found them to be very interesting objects to draw, and so began my venture of capturing the range of scooters that I came across. As the number of drawings grew, it seemed like a natural step to create 25 Scooter Drawings as part…

25 Scooter Drawings

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Here’s a bike with an interesting past. They were to be Asia’s answer to the moped. An alternative to the popularity of light weight bikes coming out of Europe in the and What it.