I never worked much with prop design, but I imagine weapons could be really fun. These are all so charming, colorful, and creative!

#Dota2 Tidehunter by on @deviantART

Tougher than the seas themselves, Tidehunter Leviathan shrugs off blow after blow, clobbering enemies with his anchor and summoning abyssal gods to Ravage everything with flailing tentacles.

#Dota2  Tidehunter! -Dota 2,фэндомы,tidehunter,Dota Art,Dota,песочница

#Dota2 Tidehunter! -Dota 2,фэндомы,tidehunter,Dota Art,Dota,песочница

Funny dota 2 tidehunter (2560x1600, dota)  via

Funny dota 2 tidehunter dota) via www.

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Dota 2 is the upcoming game and sequel of the Defense of the Ancients Mode. Dota 2 is the multipayer online battle video game. Dota 2 was announced on October 2010 through Game Informer.