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an artist's rendering of the exterior of a building with people walking around it
SHoP architects breaks ground on major university campus in ho chi minh city
SHoP architects breaks ground on major university campus in ho chi minh city | Netfloor USA
a living room filled with furniture and bookshelves
House 3 / Coy Yiontis Architects
Grote lichte woinkanet met grote boekenkast. En mooie houtopslag! open plan living room with floor-to-ceiling bookcase | House 3, by Coy Yiontis Architects
a man standing in the window of a tall building with wooden slats on it
Gallery of Saadat Abad Commercial Office Building / Mohsen Kazemianfard - fundamental approach architects - 12
Saadat Abad Commercial Office Building,© Parham Taghioff More
a man standing in front of a building with lots of windows
Name: Wissam bou chahine(Lebanon) We don’t sell technical drawings except when they are incorporated into a drawing or a collage. Christo
a white house with trees and buildings in the background
house in meis vineyards mosteiro, meis, galicia restoration and addition of new volumes to an old stone house and wine cellar status: concept design
the side of a building with holes on it
Casa Alta by AS/D Asociación de Diseño
Casa Alta AS/D Asociación de Diseño
the front entrance to hayes, an art gallery
The expansion of Hayes Primary School in Croydon has transformed the whole structure of the school and its learning environments. The expansion has enabled the number of pupils to be increased from 315 to 420. A new aluminium screen was constructed to the front and side elevations. The screen’s purpose is to reflect the canopies of the mature trees surrounding the site and, in turn, reduce the apparent visual mass of the building.
a large building that has a lot of windows on it
Titulo da Home
© Alejandro González
four different views of buildings and trees in the same photo, each with their own reflection
CASA DE CRISTAL - despiertaYmira
a white building with an open door on the outside
Adolfo Pérez, Fernando Alda · Star 18 BE
Star 18 BE, El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz. - by Adolfo Pérez ·PHOTO BY FERNANDO ALDA
an architectural model of a building with trees in the foreground
Galeria de Em construção: Casa X / Cadaval & Solà-Morales - 5
Casa X / Adria Goula
the reflection of two people standing in front of a metal fence on a city street
Gallery of Jardin Serge Gainsbourg / Matthieu Gelin & David Lafon Architecte - 23
Jardin Serge Gainsbourg / Matthieu Gelin David Lafon Architecte - Polished Stainless Steel Barrier