New Brand Identity for Tabarka Studio by Anagrama - BP&O

This studio specializes in hand crafted terracotta items. The identity seems to really closely reflect what the company does (strong shapes, antique finish etc.

Warong (food stall) in Batavia (Jakarta) 1915

Old postcard from the old Dutch East Indies Jakarta was known as Batavia in that time. But I do love those old pictures!

Bangsawan Bandung dgn Bedinde

Indonesia, Java ~ An aristocrat with his servant, Bandung, Indonesia, Source: Tropenmuseum

Bandung in the past - "Bandung Tempo Doeloe"

Indonesia ~ Bandung (Java, Indonesia / Dutch East Indies) in the past - "Bandung Tempo Doeloe"

postweg bandung

Bandung City, Dutch East Indies, Dream Theater, Vintage Photos, Roots, Nostalgia, Third, Drinkware, Vintage Photography

Bandoeng, Oogziekenhuis

OPOI: Wilhelmina Eye Hospital ~ Bandung ~ Indonesia ca 1910