Ancient Nias Cultures

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Nias warior

Indonesia, Nias warior ~ Nīas (Indonesian: Pulau Nias, Nias language: Tanö Niha) is an island off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Nias (Kepulauan Nias) is also the name of the archipelago, including the small Hinako Islands.

Indonesian Atceh warriors 1897 with there daggers and Rencong(the traditional long daggers used in Aceh, these are the L shaped hilts that can be seen sticking out of their cummerbunds).

Two well- armed gentlemen. Both carry Rencong in their belts. The taller guy to the left is brandishing a parang Amanremu, while the guy to the right is holding a Sikin for the photograpger - H.

Nias (Indonesia) warrior wearing a takula tofao (battle helmet).

Nias (Indonesia) warrior wearing a takula tofao (battle helmet).

The Royal Collection: The Burmese Ambassadors

Photograph of a group portrait of four Burmese Ambassadors with two Western men who stand behind them. The ambassadors wear elaborate hats with decorations.