Nice batik

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Steampunk batik idea
A ladies neck and shoulders always look good in this style, no matter what size or age she is....lovely.
Kimono Jacket in White and Black
Long Round Neck Vest with Abstract Shapes and Teal Accent - Long Gray Vest with Intensely Stitched Lines Beautiful yarn dyed Japanese cotton is quilted to silk. A voile overlay is intensely stitched. Teal silk accent and pocket. This is a very wearable vest and desirable wardrobe piece. Easy to wear, has inside tie. Leave other side open or pinned. Size L
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Wrapped Shoulder Vest in Black and White with Gold Tab. juanita guardin
Batik jacket
Vintage 1960s Angel Kimono Sleeves Mini Go Go Dress by PeoplePackages, $18.00
Long Round Neck Vest in Black and White
Tenun fabric only at center (cheaper since tenun is expensive)

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