From BunCer W: “Benarkah Imunisasi Pada Anak Tidak Penting?”

A new study claiming to confirm the link between childhood autism and vaccines containing DNA obtained from cell lines that originated with tissue from aborted fetuses has sparked new enthusiasm .

7 Resep Ramuan Herbal Meningkatkan Kesuburan Wanita

We at Mirik Healthfoods, are one of the biggest promoters of Ayurveda and we have taken pledge to provide the purest form of Ayurveda to the consumers all across the world. We are well known for producing health foods.

Ini Dia 7 Buah Dan Sayur Untuk Meningkatkan Kesuburan

Why You Should Be Eating Watermelon Seeds, Instead Of Spitting Them Out ("just like eating peanuts")

Begini Tips Tepat Merawat Gigi Dan Mulut Anak Usia 1-3 Tahun

Begini Tips Tepat Merawat Gigi Dan Mulut Anak Usia Tahun


Brown Sugar and Honey Facial Scrub exfoliates the skin, is naturally antibacterial, scrubs away clogged pores, and prevent future breakouts.

Ingin Mendapatkan Bayi Laki-Laki? Lakukan Metode Diet!

During pregnancy, you’ll need protein and calcium for your baby’s tissues and bones. You’ll also need extra folic acid to protect against neural tube birth defects, as well as more iron to help red blood cells carry oxygen to your baby.