Love love this!!!  Daniel Rainn Bilson Dot  Print Pleat Detail Blouse from Stitch Fix #stitchfix #fashion

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Free cat plushie pattern and picture tutorial

This cat reminds me of Chi from Chi's Sweet Home. Free cat plush pattern and picture tutorial!

I'm a sucker for colorful, Bohemian prints. I also think that loose-ish chiffon over a cami is a good way to flatter my figure without completely hiding under a poncho or showing every lump.

Bohemian Scoop Collar Full Pirnt Loose-Fitting Chiffon 3/4 Sleeve Women's Blouse

Full Pirnt Loose Fitting Chiffon Bohemian Scoop Collar 3 4 Sleeve Women s Blouse

Saturn Robot 1980

Saturn Robot 1980

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Mug from the CERN gift shop (there's apparently an "error" with the equation).