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Mesmerising blue tint of AR coating on Double Dome Sapphire Crystal • Courtesy of @tappymappy  Explore modification ideas and designs at www.DLWwatches.com  #seiko #seikomod #skx007 #skx009 #bezel #ceramicbezel #seikodiver #seikowatch #diverwatch #watchus
Discover the new Haldor Abissi 1000m micro brand diver in our latest wrist review. Big, straightforward dial design with a zirconia ceramic bezel and much more...
DLW Watches - Seiko modification part - Ceramic bezel insert for Seiko SKX007 SKX009 SKX011
Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black Watch - by Zach Pina - Check out this stealthy diver at: aBlogtoWatch.com "Now in its seventh year of operation, it’s almost unfair to call Magrette a 'micro' anymore, as the Auckland, NZ-based brand has earned its place at the table and continues to impress with affordable, original designs that have maintained their staying power in an increasingly crowded space of independent watch labels..."
Geckota Racing Chronograph
Watch, design: Thomas Feichtner
BMW (E38) 740iA
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