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Cure For Depression

"Fast" (as in fasting, not fast quick :D) Cure for Depression by Dr Bilal Philips of Islamic Online University. ~ In sha Allah it works when one wants it to, and do it (successfully) with Allah's Grace & Mercy & Help.

Secrets Behind Praying on Time......Maybe this might egg us all on to get up to speed with our Salah's....In shaa Allah

Secrets Behind Praying on Time.Although I'm not Muslim/ Islamic, I understand this & see its benefits. We should all pray more & on time, consistently


How to speak, islamic guidelines

Islamic Posters - dua for pious children

very beautiful Duaa from the Qura'an

to read the Quran

Signs in Quran text- reading Quran

This is the real islam ... not what u hear in the media about oppressing women  I am proud to be a muslima and wear my hijab ...

Women in islam.

Curing Stress With The Help Of Holy Quran

Curing stress with Al Quran.

Did You Know This About Quran?! #quran

d real gift nd guidance to one'z lyf.yeppp i feel tat beauty 😍😍. Hope everyone getz it fruition 😇😇.

Helpline Call Numbers From Holy Quran #quran

Helpline Call Numbers From Holy Quran

Understanding Love in the Qur'an--I would like to print this in the program we make for the wedding guests

Love in Islam !

سورة الملك☁️.. اقرؤها قبل النوم كل يوم تنجي من عذاب ألقبر ..✨

Surah Al Mulk. Recite this surah every night before sleeping to seek refuge from torment of grave


Nouman Ali Khan is one of the world’s leading teachers on the tafsir (exegesis) of the bed Quran. This Ramadan he is going …

Muslims * Who will stop the United States of Israel, stop war in Mideast, stop its police states in North America *

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72 Signs Youre A Quran Lover | Zaufishan #hifdhjourney #hifdh

The brainwashing of every religion SUCKS. 72 Signs Youre A Quran Lover

Susan Ogilvie's Studio Life

I woke up this morning thinking about simplification--creating the feeling of the place without actually providing a lot of detail/thin.

Finish quran

A suggestion on how to finish reading Al-Quran in 2 weeks.