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조슈아 Joshuji (@seventeen_js) on Instagram. #Upgrade ver.  Lol Jun and Dino

Started from the bottom now here we are at the top

CHXR : Photo

SEVENTEEN - Mini Album) OFFICIAL POSTER in Tube Case x inches: Ships from korea, republic of. Original poster from pledis entertainment. Comes with cardboard tube case. Like new & mint condition.

yes sir lamb rolls Minghao God is so good. Wen Junhui blessing me.

Wow they are little angels << wow. crammed into a small area. I wonder what the magazine was going for with this.

I would honestly wear any of these outfits.

MY 1000 PIN! :D there's just too many cuties for 1 photo ugh

Cr: @sparklehosh

Cr: @sparklehosh

Imagine if you're lost when traveling solo then meet a gang of boys like this. Between fear and happy as well