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an animated image of a man doing a handstand in the air with words above him
an arabic text with the words ketwa syri
a cartoon character with an umbrella in his hand and the caption says, dua tiga batu belah yones laahh
a white cat wearing a yellow hat with lightning bolt on it's head and mouth
a man wearing a face mask standing next to his bike with the caption saying,
two young men are talking to each other in the living room while one man is holding his arm out
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the man is sitting down with his hand on his chin
a woman holding a knife in her right hand with the words beliaunini tidak peka on it
a cat is looking up at the camera with its eyes wide open and it's head hanging down
a penguin holding a red rose and wearing glasses with the words untuk km mas mas jawa
mas mas jawa
an image of a cartoon character with the caption i love you walpun belum peman keemu
the man is running down the stairs with his hand on his hip