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Nurul Izzah
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AMÉM! Chanyeol EXO ('ω `♡)

Chanyeol - oh sweet lord! How can this man child be so kind and sweet and thoughtful and yet also be so unknowingly and utterly sensual and luscious? How is a noona supposed to process this ^

EXO | PARK CHANYEOL's photos – 213 albums | VK

Bro Chanyeol looks like he just accidentally stepped into one of BTS' 'You Never Walk Alone' concept photos.

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EXO /can I just say how I cried after this pin because my galaxy obsessed bias Kris left/

Fandom :) TBT, EXO-L is a great fandom! I Love all my EXO-L sisters (brothers) even the stans, specially those who capture all those lovely photos but don't hurt EXO or the fandom, I'm talking about bad sasaeng behavior.