The first time I saw this I was doing something that wasn't quite laughing and wasn't quite crying for about 10 minutes


Read from the story I Ecs Ou Memes by Angel-Heaven (Heaven) with reads. Ok, necesito alegrar el ambiente con algo Así que aquí.

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Jangan menyerah kawan! .  Follow @FiqihMuslimah  Follow @FiqihMuslimah  Follow @FiqihMuslimah

Jangan menyerah kawan! . Follow @FiqihMuslimah Follow @FiqihMuslimah Follow @FiqihMuslimah

Baek Soo Han

Luhan, Kyungsoo, Baekhyun --- lol kyungsoo's probably thinking "i'm surrounded by idiots. *sigh* but they're my idiots" xD

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