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some rocks are sitting on the floor and tied up with string to make them look like they have been made out of wood
DIY: The Simple, Yet Surprisingly Satisfying, Art of Rock Wrapping
some bird feeders are made out of cereal and other things to make them look like trees
How to Make a Cheerios Bird Feeder | Bird feeders, Bird feeder craft, Homemade bird feeders
How to Make a Cheerios Bird Feeder | Bird feeder craft, Bird feeders, Diy bird feeder
a piece of driftwood is on display in a museum
Driftwood Seahorse
an advertisement for a flower shop with fake succulents and flowers in them
DIY Potted Spring Gnomes
several pictures of different plants in pots with rocks and grass on the bottom one has eggs
🌱Succulent Gnome.
If you have trouble growing succulents like I do then this is perfect for your home, office or school desk.