Vintage Sewing Machine Singer 66 - 16

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How to clean up a vintage sewing machine

Vintage Singer Love - How I Clean 'em Up (The Basics)

I posted about the 3 vintage Singers that followed me home a couple of weeks ago; now I thought I'd give a step-by-step of how I do a basic clean up on one of the full-size ladies. My techniques have been gleaned from research at places like the Yahoo Vintage Singers group, David McCallum's Featherweight DVDs & books, various posters at Pattern Review, and lots of experimentation on the old machines that have found their way to my house. Some of those experiments were not so successful…

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Unique Storage for your Sewing Room

There are some great unique storage for your sewing room, you just have to think outside of the box. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Rotary Bobbins

Is there a bobbin chart? - Page 3

Originally Posted by Skyangel Sometimes bobbins that you don't have a machine for act as bait ... Oooohhh Nooooooo!

Looks like a Set of Singer Model 66 Back Clamping Attachments for the 66-1 & 66-3.  Love 'em! pictures of sewing machine attachments

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Hand-painting a Singer 66

Painting Continues on the Singer 66

My hubs thought I was going a little overboard with the decorative hand painting on the custom Singer 66 . Then I busted out my other...

The Vintage Seamstress: Threading a Singer 66

Threading a Singer 66

The most common Singer I run across is the 66, from treadle to case to cabinet. I think when they were new they were cheaper than the 15's... But let me tell you they can be a work horse. Not only do I piece quilts on mine but use for all my utility sewing. The best thing I like about her is the ability to go tick tick tick... she will sew just as slow as can be which is great when teaching a child how to sew. It will let them sew as slow as needed till they master the machine a bit more. I…

Cleaning and Lubricating Old Sewing Machine Heads- I have used the directions with awesome results!


Singer Model 66-1 Threading Diagram  Minimal information on my treadle

Singer Class 66 Sewing Machines

Singer Model 66-1 Threading Diagram  Minimal information on my treadle

Singer Class 66 Sewing Machines

How to service and clean a Singer 66

How to service and clean a Singer 66 ..Cleaning the machine

Cleaning the machine itself I distract myself from the task of removing and cleaning parts bytaking little breaks to clean the machine. This 66 is in wonderful shape but she is over 80 years old and dirt does accumulate. I have used various methods of cleaning but my favorite is still castile soap. I used Murphy's (or a generic equivalent) on Rosie and some of the decals were damaged a bit. I think the castile soap (Dr. Bronners almond oil) is gentler. I work in a small area at a time and I…

Singer 301: adjust bobbin tension first, then upper thread tension. This page shows how to make adjustments.

How to Adjust Tension on Old Singer Sewing Machines

Instructions and guide for adjusting and calibrating tensions on Singer sewing machines.

Singer 66 Restoration Pt. 2

1927 Singer Model 66 Restoration Pt. 2 - Cleaning the Face Plate and Beyond

Freddie Mae Gets a Face Lift! Remember how I got an 1927 Singer Model 66 I for Christmas? Well, it's time to start cleaning the old girl up, and of course I've got to start with her face. Since I first laid eyes on her, that intricately designed face plate has been calling my name , begging me to release it from all that dirt. So I did. I also took off the back plate and gave it a good polish. What a difference a good clean and polish can make! With the face plate off, it's a perfect time to…

Singer 66 Sewing Manual

Singer 66 Sewing Manual

Singer Class 66 Oiling Diagram

Singer Class 66 Sewing Machines