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an old fishing rod with a fly attached to it
Korean ceremonial saber
Korean ceremonial saber | Mandarin Mansion
two people walking down a red carpeted walkway with umbrellas over their heads and in traditional chinese garb
Costumes, Drama, Korean Traditional Dress, Korean Dress, Korean Face
Lady, Outfits, Asian Dress, Korean Hanbok, Beautiful Actresses, Chinese Dress
[Moon love ]~{K.TH} end✔️✔️
Goryeo Dynasty 918~1392AD #hanbok #korea #korean Hanbok Traditional, Korean Men, Goryeo Dynasty Clothing, Katana Girl, Traditional Korean, Traditional Hanbok
Traditional korean clothing
Goryeo Dynasty 918~1392AD #hanbok #korea #korean
three different types of hair styles for women with long hair and large headpieces
Hanbok, A Queen's Hair by Glimja on DeviantArt
Hanbok, A Queen's Hair by Glimja on deviantART