EXO Showtime showed the growth and friendship of them all. Now in 2015 there's 9 members at the moment (with the exception of Tao), it's been a run with these guys. EXO, we are one. #memories

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exo and kai image On I'm really mad why they have to white washing Kais beautiful skin color? I want every idol to feel comfortable in their skin. It's like how N feels like his skin is too dark.

I've had 2 hours of sleep since the news broke. I keep checking my phone for updates and wishing that this wasn't happening. How are we supposed to be one without Kris?

I am officially about to cut my hair I used this pic so i can have exo with me…

Suho of EXO ❤ He's so gorgeous! He has such flawless pale skin, rosy lips, and dreamy dark eyes!!

Kim Jun-myeon (김준면) also known as Suho (수호) of EXO I just love him so much! He's so incredibly gorgeous. He has such dreamy dark eyes, flawless pale skin, and rosy lips.

estudos feitos por mim mesma comprovam que o sorriso do suho salva vidas

Cutest leader ❤️ omg he looks like the Prince everyone wants to date.oh wait .