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Stunning Repurposed Mosaic Art
"I collect mosaic materials from many different places such as local glass warehouses, online suppliers, estate sales, junkets and thrift stores. I take pleasure in putting new life to these materials with a mysterious past." From Etsy seller SharraFrank. . • ceramics, mosaics, mosaic art, recycled art, glass art, glass work, repurposed art •
a pan with some fish in it on the wall next to a knife and fork
Learn how to make a mosaic with this mosaic kit for beginners
These mosaic kits contain all the materials you need to create an organic, textured mosaic with slate and glass. Kits include slate and glass pieces, adhesive and a backing board (substrate). Each kit is accompanied by a video tutorial to show you how to put the everything together. Kits are suitable for beginners and no specialist tools are needed. For more information visit the website.
there is a stone wall with flowers growing out of the cracks in it and text that reads perla anselmi rio cuato, cordero, cordora
a painting of a house with green shutters and flowers on the outside, in front of a stone wall
a painting of a table and chairs in front of a brick wall with stained glass windows