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I got: Ravenclaw! Harry Potter Quiz -In wich Hogwarts house do you belong in?

Are you a Gryffindor? A Ravenclaw? A Hufllepuf? A Slyterin? A Death Heater? Or who nows just a Muggle?Find out whit the Quiz!

I got: Dragon! Which Mystical Animal Is Your Best Friend?

I got: Dragon! These creatures are said to be bigger than life and that they can bring destruction on the earth, or if they meet partner they can be the best of friends. They are also very loyal and brave, as well as strong.

I got: Natsu Dragneel! What Fairy Tail Wizard Are You?

I got: Natsu Dragneel! What Fairy Tail Wizard Are You? I really can't believe I got Natsu! I totally figured Lucy or Gray.

I got: Erza Scarlet! What Female Fairy Tail Character are you?

I got Ezra for what female character are you off of fairy tail let's is who you get and I Love Ezra and Lucy as my top 2 favourite fairy tail girls what are yours

Fairy Tail! Truth or Dare? - Female! Sting and Male! Lucy - Page 1 ...

Rogue, Jellal, Sting, and Ultear from Fairy Tail genderbent. Rogue is like disturbingly attractive. I liked him even when I hated Sabertooth during the Games