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janu rahmad

janu rahmad
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Toyota electric bike

Toyota brand Hybrid Bike's small rechargeable motor is located in the crankset near the pedal and provides instantaneous assisted power on command using the handlebar throttle. Composed almost entirely of aluminum and bioplastic,

Piaggio Wi-Bike

Find out about all the Piaggio Wi-Bike models: Comfort, Active and all the others! Find your nearest retail outlet.

#Electric #bike

Powered by a Motor Wheel, the has its maximum speed limited to 45 kmh in electric mode and can travel between 25 and 100 km (depending on type of battery) on purely electric power…and if you run out of juice there is always the ever-reliable pedal-option.


A DIY Masterwork this Specialized Downhill bike outfitted with the latest greatest electrical components to build one of the fastest full suspension ebikes ever built.