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a room with plants and records on the floor
My favourite corner 🎶🌱🪴
My favourite corner 🎶🌱🪴 : listeningspaces
an image of how to build a terrarium with rocks and dirt on the ground
Build Your Own Cactus Terrarium
an intricately designed sculpture in the middle of a square with several smaller sculptures on each side
8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tbilisi Now! - Limitless Secrets
a person holding a camera in their hand
I love my leica
some type of lettering with different designs on it
screen-shot-2022-11-24-at-1.32.13-am.png | Are.na
a black and white photo of a camera
a camera with a lens attached to it
Minolta XD-5 35mm MF SLR Film Camera Review
an old camera sitting on top of a wooden table
Vintage Canon Film Camera Collection | Canon ODF-1