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William Aryaputra
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Pringles box to Acoustic Amplifier, Amplificador para SMARTFONE feito de Prigles.

What do you do when you have to many empty Pringles boxes.Well you can use tham as a acoustic Ampfilier. Here is the Sound Test.

Post text goes here. Image taken from: http://snanccu.blogspot.ie/2013/05/a-journey-through-digestive-system.html

A simple diagram of the digestive system and where nutrients are absorbed from. Aloe has scientifically been proven to heal the inside of the digestive tract in the same way it heals and soothes the skin. Get your aloe from www.

The Perfect Formula For Brewing Coffee, Down To The Gram

Coffee Brewing Ratio - This is just a starting guide, play with you gramage if you can, get different results, taste different coffee at different grind and gram levels.

The Quick Reference Guide to Coffee Roast Styles

Different coffee roast styles have different taste qualities including acidity, aroma and complexity. Here is a quick reference to different coffee roast styles.

Coffee Roasting is an Art and a Science

Coffee roasting is an art and a science, which is probably why my creative/analytical mind likes it so much.