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Critical Thinking Behaviours

I am sure you have heard about the importance of critical thinking in students. I know Natasha and I hear about it but we were always asking "That's great...but what does that look like?" I came...

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3 Modes Of Thinking: Lateral, Divergent & Convergent Thought |

Lateral thinking solves problems via a creative approach involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using traditional step-by-step logic.

Business Analyst: Project Management Analysis Course

Learn project management techniques to increase your project success rate as a Business Analyst!

Violin Sheet Music - Free PDFs

Helping you bring out the best in your violin playing with beginner-intermediate level sheet music, expert practice tips, violin tutorials & free PDFs.

How Playing an Instrument Makes You Smarter

Many people have learned an instrument in grade school and many have either quit or just became uninterested after a while but here's a list of reasons why lear

Still More on the Taxonomy of Logical Fallacies

Okay, here's the third (and, with luck, final) go-round. I've alphabetized all the definitions and done some tweaking of some of them. I think this makes for a much easier to read poster, though one consequence of doing that is there's a definition in the right-hand column that is broken. Sorry,…

The Trauma and Addiction Link: Why People Misuse Substances

If you've experienced trauma or adverse childhood experiences and you have substance misuse issues, you might be using substances to help you cope with the negative impacts of those experiences. For many people, substance misuse and addiction is often a way of dealing with distress – it is a behaviour that begins out of pain.

Similarities between Vygotsky and Piaget Theories

What is Piaget Theory? Jean Piaget was a Swiss biologist turned psychologist who discovered the first systematic theory of cognitive development. This theory focuses on the organisation of intelligen...

Psychology: Abnormal

Psychology students—and those already practicing in the field—will want to obtain this jam-packed, 6 page expanded version of BarCharts’ popular Psychology: Abn

Defense mechanisms, Freud and the psychodynamic perspective, By OpenStax (Page 3/29)

Freud believed that feelings of anxiety result from the ego’s inability to mediate the conflict between the id and superego. When this happens, Freud believed that the ego

A Quick, No-Nonsense Guide to Basic Instructional Design Theory

Of the many eLearning theories that influence the practice, three of them are used by professionals on a daily basis.

Infographic: Learning theories

Education has been studied for years. Educational theories address issues related to definition, existing types, influence factors, and styles of learning.